keplers cds


keplers cds

the ink is drying in preparation for the keplers CD release at apple jam. pretty darn exciting.


There is no mountain commissions a new pedal box, and its also a preview of his soon to be tattoo, maybe.


not only will you get a chance to get There is no mountains new cd at the hippo campus show this sat, (april 19th), hipograb60pix, but also you can check out Matt Harmons brand new pedal box made at sawdust records.  Also, its got a preview of what might be his new tattoo. TINMtatoo2


There is no mountain is nearly ready to present their much anticipated cd


Our very own There is no mountain is all ready to present their first official cd at the hippo campus this weekend.  hipograb60pix

The much anticipated release will include recordings done with their previous project ascetic junkies.  Also, the revel of Matt Harmons brand new pedal box created here at sawdust records.  Big day for us all around, hope to see yall there.